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GC2018 Triathlons

Got to see 3 triathlons during the Commonwealth Games. Men's Individual, Para-Triathlon and Team Triathlon, all held in Southport and Labrador

Men's Triathlon

Gold - Henri Schoemann (South Africa)

Silver - Jake Birthwhistle (Australia)

Bronze - Marc Austin (Scotland)

Men's and Women's Para Triathlon (PTWC)


Gold - Joseph Townsend (England)

Silver - Nic Beveridge (Australia)

Bronze - Bill Chaffey (Australia)


Gold - Jade Jones (England)

Silver - Emily Tapp (Australia)

Bronze - Lauren Parker (Australia)

Team Triathlon

Gold - Australia (Gillian Backhouse, Matthew Hauser, Ashleigh Gentle, Jake Birthwhistle)

Silver - England (Vicky Holland, Jonathan Brownlee, Jessica Learmonth, Alistair Brownlee)

Bronze - New Zealand (Nicole Van Der Kaay, Ryan Sissons, Andrea Hewitt, Tayler Reid)


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