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NSW Women Too Strong in Super W Opener

NSW shut-out QLD 18-0 in the first ever match in the Inaugural Buildcorp Super W tournament.

Ashleigh Hewson got the Super W started with an early penalty, followed up by a superb solo try to NSW fly-half Chloe Leaupepe. Half-time score 8-0.

NSW scored one more try in the second half to Atasi Lafai, but desperate defence from QLD prevented several more tries.

Chloe Leaupepe scores the first try of Super W

Ashleigh Hewson kicks the first penalty

Chloe Leaupepe scores the first try of Super W

Chloe Leaupepe scores the first try of Super W

NSW celebrate Chloe Leaupepe's try.

NSW reserves warming up

QLD regroup after a NSW try

QLD win the lineout

Hugs all-round after the first Super W game

QLD Team post-game photo

NSW Team post-game photo

QLD and NSW Teams pose for a post-game photo

Grace Hamilton

Kirby Sefo and Emily Robinson

Sarah Riordan give a post-match interview


NSW 18 (Chloe Leaupepe, Atasi Lafai tries; Ashleigh Hewson 2 pens 1 conv) defeated QLD 0



1 Liz Patu, 2 Cheyenne Campbell, 3 Hana Ngaha, 4 Kiri Lingman, 5 Pheobe Thomas, 6 Kirby Sefo (c), 7 Lucy Lockhart, 8 Alexandra Hargreaves, 9 Ana Afuie, 10 Lavinia Gould, 11 Ivania Wong, 12 Reta Marsters, 13 Sarah Riordan, 14 Alysia Lefau-Fakaosilea, 15 Samantha Treherne


16 Ivy Kaleta, 17 Toa Filimoehala, 18 Wynona Baice, 19 Shannon Mato, 20 Brianne Rossato, 21 Asako Ono, 22 Lori Cramer, 23 Alana Elisaia


1. Emily Robinson, 2. Tasmin Sheppard, 3. Evelyn Horomia, 4. Inge Visser, 5. Ana Sio, 6. Grace Hamilton, 7. Ariana Kaiwai, 8. Laura Devereux, 9. Cobie-Jane Morgan, 10. Chloe Leaupepe, 11. Shanice Parker, 12. Katrina Barker, 13. Crystal Maguire, 14. Atasi Lafai, 15. Ashleigh Hewson (c)


16 Sarah Laman, 17. Melissa Fatu, 18. Nancy Vaiaku, 19. Natalie Maclarn, 20. Fi Jones, 21. Illiseva Batibasaga, 22. Kirrily Laws, 23. Josephine Falesita


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