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'On This Day' - Rugby in Isolation - Week 4

Continuing the 'On This Day' Youtube series. Best viewed at 4K resolution on your TV, computer or mobile device (if possible)

On This Day: 13th April 2018 - GC2018 Commonwealth Games Rugby Sevens - Day 1

  • Day 1 of Rugby Sevens was Women's comp only, with 2 rounds of pool games

  • Canada, New Zealand, & Australia were undefeated in their 2 games

  • New Zealand's Portia Woodman led the way, with 5 tries on Day 1

  • Nikon Professional Services kindly lent me a Nikon D850 to try out. Thanks to Chris Dalton for helping with the Bluetooth App setup.

On This Day: 14th April 2018 - GC2018 Commonwealth Games Rugby Sevens - Day 2

  • Day 2 of Rugby Sevens was the Men's pool games, plus the final pool games of the Women's comp.

  • South Africa, England, New Zealand and Fiji topped the Men's pools to go through to the Semi-Finals.

  • The Australian men played in the 5th-8th place play-offs, after a 26 - 17 loss to England

  • Australia, England, New Zealand and Canada qualified for the Women's Semi-Finals.

On This Day: 15th April 2018 - GC2018 Commonwealth Games Rugby Sevens - Day 3

  • Heartbreak for the Aussie7s women losing the Gold Medal game to New Zealand in extra time. Down 12-0, the Aussies fought back with 2 tries to force the game into extra time. A try by NZ's Kelly Brazier broke the deadlock.

  • New Zealand defeated Fiji 14-0 in the Men's Final, with England taking the Bronze over South Africa 21-14

  • England also finished with Bronze in the Women's tournament, defeating Canada 24-19

  • The Australian Men won both their play-off games (Kenya and Scotland) to finish 5th.


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