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QPR - Bond v Norths

A second-half fightback by Bond Uni was not enough to overcome a 26-0 half-time lead by Norths on the Gold Coast yesterday. Norths ran out 38 - 21 winners.

Bond Uni 21 (Tries: Ripley, Atunaisa, Stowers; Conv: Roberts 3) defeated by Norths 38 (Tries: Harris 2, Donoghue, Minimbi, Toloi, Flanagan-Smith; Conv: Falanagan-Smith 4 )

Other QLD Premier Rugby Round 13 Results

๐Ÿ‰ Easts 26 defeated by Souths 29

๐Ÿ‰ GPS 38 defeated Sunnybank 22

๐Ÿ‰ Brothers 26 drew with UQ 26

๐Ÿ‰ Bond Uni 21 defeated by Norths 38

๐Ÿ‰ Wests bye



Bond Uni: Matt Gibbon, George Blake, Levi Samuela, Jake Upfield, Dylan Loader, Nathan Beil, Joel Brown, Nixon Taramai, Vincent Quigley, Fred Dorrough, Adam Gauder, Tyler Campbell (C), Lukas Ripley, Hamish Roberts, Rhian Stowers

Reserves: Harrison Usher, Rhys Sheriff, Nuku Swerling, Charles McCauley, Zebediah Misios, Sam Howarth, Abele Atunaisa

Norths: Oliver Harris (FR), Joshua Mongard (FR), jeff toomaga-allen (FR), Alex Woolford, Chris Minimbi, Takehiro Kimura, Leo Langbridge, Scott Hall, Connor Oโ€™Regan, Harry Langbridge (C), Tevita Toloi, Conor Chittenden, Jack Peoples, Oscar Donoghue, Alex Flanagan Smith

Reserves: Daniel Healy (FR), Kieran Fitzgibbon (FR), Eli Junior Latu (FR), Harrison Goggin, Taelyn Nukunuku, Callum Reidy, Ryan Heaton, Hamish Muir


0 Conversion Unsuccessful - Alex Flanagan Smith

0 Substitution - Tactical Off: Matt Gibbon, On: Harrison Usher

18 Conversion Unsuccessful - Alex Flanagan Smith

18 Try - Oscar Donoghue

21 Substitution - Tactical Off: Oscar Donoghue, On: Hamish Muir

24 Try - Chris Minimbi

25 Conversion - Alex Flanagan Smith

30 Try - Tevita Toloi

31 Conversion - Alex Flanagan Smith

35 Conversion - Alex Flanagan Smith

35 Try - Oliver Harris

40 Substitution - Tactical Off: Leo Langbridge, On: Harrison Goggin

41 Substitution - Tactical Off: Levi Samuela, On: Rhys Sheriff

49 Substitution - Tactical Off: Nixon Taramai, On: Nuku Swerling

51 Substitution - Tactical Off: Nathan Beil, On: Zebediah Misios

51 Substitution - Tactical Off: Adam Gauder, On: Abele Atunaisa

52 Try - Lukas Ripley

53 Conversion - Hamish Roberts

62 Try - Abele Atunaisa

63 Conversion - Hamish Roberts

63 Substitution - Tactical Off: Nuku Swerling, On: Charles McCauley

65 Conversion - Alex Flanagan Smith

65 Try - Oliver Harris

66 Substitution - Tactical Off: Oliver Harris, On: Kieran Fitzgibbon

70 Try - Rhian Stowers

70 Substitution - Tactical Off: Vincent Quigley, On: Sam Howarth

71 Conversion - Hamish Roberts

75 Try - Alex Flanagan Smith

75 Substitution - Tactical Off: Connor Oโ€™Regan, On: Callum Reidy

76 Substitution - Tactical Off: Tevita Toloi, On: Ryan Heaton

77 Substitution - Tactical Off: Harrison Goggin, On: Taelyn Nukunuku


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