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QPR - Bond v UQ

Bond Uni won the battle of the students with a 31-28 win over University of Queensland on the Gold Coast .

Bond Uni 31 (TriesL Misios 2, Campbell, Upfield, Fatialofa; Conv: Roberts 3) defeated Uni of QLD 28 (Tries: Tierney 3, Prendergast; Conv: Oates 4)

Other QLD Premier Rugby Round 9 Results

๐Ÿ‰ Norths 18 defeated Easts 14

๐Ÿ‰ GPS 15 defeated by Brothers 31

๐Ÿ‰ Wests 17 defeated by Souths 20

๐Ÿ‰ Bond Uni 31 defeated UQ 28

๐Ÿ‰ Sunnybank bye



Bond Uni: Levi Samuela, Jack Winchester, Harry Bell, Charles McCauley, Dylan Loader, Zebediah Misios, Joel Brown, Jake Upfield, Jordan Lenac, Fred Dorrough, Adam Gauder,

Tyler Campbell (C), Tim Fatialofa, Hamish Roberts, Rhian Stowers

Reserves: tbc, Harrison Usher, Rhys Sheriff, tbc, Zane Misios, tbc, Tai Dowling, Daniel Boardman

UQ: Alexander Davies, Jake Tierney, Jethro Felemi, Jacob Blyton, Jack Brady, Adam Korczyk (VC), William Rua, Okaw Obonno, Liam Prendergast, Chace Oates, Niven Longopoa,

Tom Molloy, James Simpson-Te Pairi, Braiden Oates, Kye Oates (C)

Reserves: Kazuki Yasui, James Proud, Jackson Clarke, James Caton, Will Robinson, Jacob Carmichael, Bradley Twidale, Calum Barrett,


7 Try - Tyler Campbell

8 Conversion - Hamish Roberts

10 Try - Jake Upfield

11 Conversion Unsuccessful - Hamish Roberts

15 Try - Jake Tierney

16 Conversion - Kye Oates

22 Try - Liam Prendergast

23 Conversion - Kye Oates

24 Try - Tim Fatialofa

25 Conversion Unsuccessful - Hamish Roberts

27 Substitution - Tactical Off: Levi Samuela, On: Harrison Usher

27 Substitution - Tactical Off: Harry Bell, On: Rhys Sheriff

40 Conversion - Kye Oates

40 Try - Jake Tierney

41 Substitution - Tactical Off: Jethro Felemi, On: Jackson Clarke

43 Conversion - Kye Oates

43 Try - Jake Tierney

53 Substitution - Tactical Off: Niven Longopoa, On: Calum Barrett

58 Yellow Card - Repeated Infringement Alexander Davies

64 Conversion - Hamish Roberts

64 Try - Zebediah Misios

64 Substitution - Tactical Off: Tim Fatialofa, On: Daniel Boardman

64 Substitution - Tactical Off: Adam Gauder, On: Tai Dowling

66 Yellow Card - Intentional Infringement Jake Tierney

68 Yellow Card - Intentional Infringement Jordan Lenac

75 Try - Zebediah Misios

75 Substitution - Tactical Off: Liam Prendergast, On: Jacob Carmichael

75 Substitution - Tactical Off: Charles McCauley, On: Zane Misios

76 Conversion - Hamish Roberts


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