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Sydney7s - Day 1

Updated: Feb 24, 2019

Day one of the 2019 Sydney7s was the Womens Competition only, with the 3 pool rounds being played

Ellia Green
Ellia Green dives over for a try agains Spain


Round 1 - Australia 19 (Tries: Ellia Green, Emma Sykes, Evania Pelite. Conv: Emma Sykes 2) defeated Spain 0

Round 2 - Australia 24 (Tries: Evania Pelite, Alicia Quirk, Sharni Williams, Ellia Green; Conv: Emma Sykes 2) defeated China 7 (Tries: Y. Gu; Conv: M. Chen)

Round 3 - Australia 12 (Tries: Evania Pelite, Emma Tonegato; Conv: Emma Sykes) defeated by USA 19 (Tries: J. Gray, K. Kirshe, N. Tapper; Conv: N. Heavirland 2)


  • Nikon D750

  • Sigma 120-300mm f/2.8 + TC 1.4x


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