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2018 Queensland Junior State Championships

Updated: Jul 10, 2018

I spent the weekend helping Chris and Karen from Sportography shoot the 2018 Queensland Rugby Union Junior State Championships at Albany Creek.

Photos are now available for purchase from http://sportography.com.au/shopping/recent-events/qld-rugby-union-state-champs/

The games I covered were:

(Other photographers covered other games)


U14 - Darling Downs v Brisbane Gold

U12 - Darling Downs v Northern Territory

U13 - Brisbane Gold v Gold Coast

U16 - Sunshine Coast v Townsville

U12 - CQ Bushrangers v Sunshine Coast

U12 - Brisbane Red v Brisbane Navy

U12 - Gold Coast v Darling Downs

U12 - Northern Territory v CQ Bushrangers

U14 - Northern Territory v Darling Downs

U16 - Brisbane Green v Gold Coast

U16 - Darling Downs v Townsville

U16 - CQ Bushrangers v Northern Territory


U12 - Northern Territory v Townsville

U12 - Darling Downs v Brisbane Navy

U12 - Brisbane Red v Gold Coast

U12 - Sunshine Coast v Northern Territory

U13 - Brisbane Blue v Sunshine Coast

U13 - Final - Brisbane Green v Gold Coast

U14 - Final - Brisbane Green v Gold Coast

U16 - Final - Brisbane Green v Sunshine Coast

The 2018 Champions were:

U13 - Gold Coast defeated Brisbane Green

U14 - Brisbane Green defeated Gold Coast

U15 - Sunshine Coast defeated Brisbane Green

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