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QPR - Bond Uni v Brothers

Bond Uni scored a strong 48 - 22 win over Brothers in Round 12 of QLD Premier Rugby at Bond University

Bond Uni 48 (Tries: Campbell 2, Upfield, Roberts, Nasove, Grenon, Penalty Try; Conv: Roberts 4; Pens: Roberts) defeated Brothers 22 (Tries: Nielsen, Connolly, Adams; Conv: Creighton, Pens: Creighton)


Other Round 12 QLD Premier Rugby results:

๐Ÿ‰ UQ 41 defeated Wests 36

๐Ÿ‰ Bond Uni 48 defeated Brothers 22

๐Ÿ‰ Easts 41 defeated Norths 33

๐Ÿ‰ Souths 17 defeated by GPS 27

๐Ÿ‰ Sunnybank bye


Bond Uni: Levi Samuela, Moli Sooaemalelagi, Rhys Sheriff, Jake Upfield, Will Morrison, Rusiate Nasove, Connor Pritchard, Lachlan Connors, Spencer Jeans, Dan Lancaster, Hamish Roberts, Tyler Campbell, Kitione Taliga, Daniel Boardman, Rhian Stowers

Reserves: Jack Winchester, George Blake, Helaman Samuela, Jameson Smith, Tomas Grenon, Lachlan McInnes, Tomas Grenon, Max Dowd, Connor McEldowney


Brothers: Harry Lloyd, Dominic Fraser, Remi Sawtell, Leo McCarthy, Brad Kapa, Jonte Connolly, Noah Nielsen, Brad Hemopo, Mosiah Christian, Paddy James, Andrea Bronzini, Lawson Creighton, Michael Bond, Hunter Lim, Tayler Adams

Reserves: Joshua Mongard, Billy Finch, Atieli-Samuel Pakalani, Will Wilson, Nathan Evans, Will Cartwright, Iziah Tittor, Ryan Shepherd


9 Substitution - Blood Injury Off: William Morrison, On: Tomas Grenon

15 Penalty Goal- Lawson Creighton

17 Conversion- Lawson Creighton

17 Try- Noah Nielsen

21 Substitution - Tactical Off: Noah Nielsen, On: Nathan Evans

24 Conversion- Hamish Roberts

24 Try- Jake Upfield

27 Substitution - Injury Off: Connor Pritchard, On: Tomas Grenon

29 Try- Tyler Campbell

30 Penalty Try

30 Conversion- Hamish Roberts

35 Conversion- Lawson Creighton

35 Try- Jonte Connolly

38 Try- Hamish Roberts

39 Conversion Unsuccessful- Hamish Roberts

45 Penalty Goal- Hamish Roberts

50 Substitution - Tactical Off: Remi Sawtell, On: Atieli-Samuel Pakalani

57 Substitution - Tactical Off: Nathan Evans, On: William Wilson

58 Try- Tayler Adams

60 Conversion- Hamish Roberts

60 Try- Rusiate Nasove

60 Substitution - Tactical Off: Kalione Nasoko, On: Maxwell Dowd

65 Substitution - Tactical Off: Dominic Fraser, On: Joshua Mongard

66 Conversion Unsuccessful- Hamish Roberts

66 Try- Tomas Grenon

69 Yellow Card - Intentional Infringement Jack Winchester

70 Substitution - Tactical Off: Tayler Adams, On: Ryan Shepherd

77 Substitution - Tactical Off: Rhian Stowers, On: Conor Mceldowney

78 Conversion- Hamish Roberts

78 Try- Tyler Campbell

79 Substitution - Tactical Off: Tomas Grenon, On: Jameson Smith


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