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QPR - Bond Uni v Uni of QLD

Bond Uni held off a fast finishing UQ for a 33 - 29 win in the battle of the students on the Gold Coast.

Bond Uni 33 (Tries: Connors, Stowers, Canham, Winchester, Nasove; Conv: Roberts 3, Lancaster) defeated Uni of QLD 29 (Tries: Sperling 3, Engelbrecht, Korczyk; Conv: Twidale 2)

Other Round 16 QLD Premier Rugby results:

๐Ÿ‰ Brothers 48 defeated Souths 15

๐Ÿ‰ Bond Uni 33 defeated UQ 29

๐Ÿ‰ Sunnybank 12 defeated by GPS 48

๐Ÿ‰ Easts 30 defeated Wests 24

๐Ÿ‰ Norths bye



Bond Uni: Matt Gibbon, Mesulame Dolokoto, Zane Nonggorr, Will Morrison, Josh Canham, Rusiate Nasove, Lachlan Connors, Jake Upfield, Vinnie Quigley, Dan Lancaster, Hamish Roberts, Tyler Campbell, Daniel Boardman, Rhian Stowers, Jayden Ngamanu

Reserves: Jack Winchester, George Blake, Rhys Sherriff, Ratu Rotuisolia, Nixon Taramai, Liam Dillon, Kitione Taliga, Kalione Nasoko

UQ: Isaac Aedo Kailea, Quentin Raravula, Dane Zander, Luke Callan, Chris Minimbi, Adam Korczyk, Matt Engelbrecht, Pat Morrey, Liam Prendergast, Jock Campbell, Lachlan Sperling, Bradley Twidale, Friefrich Kiel, Kyle Fleetwood-Pieper, Mac Grealy

Reserves: Jake Tierney, Fergus Lillicrap, Conor Bartley, Jack Brady, Jacob Blyton, Joseph Faulalo, Flynn McDermott, TJ Siakisini


3 Try- Lachlan Connors

3 Conversion Unsuccessful- Hamish Roberts

19 Try- Rhian Stowers

20 Conversion- Hamish Roberts

30 Try- Matthew Engelbrecht

32 Conversion Unsuccessful- Bradley Twidale

33 Try- Josh Canham

34 Conversion- Hamish Roberts

41 Try- Lachlan Sperling

41 Substitution - Tactical Off: Quentin Raravula, On: Jake Tierney

45 Conversion- Bradley Twidale

47 Substitution - Tactical Off: Isaac Aedo Kailea, On: Fergus Lillicrap

52 Substitution - Tactical Off: Matt Gibbon, On: George Blake

53 Substitution - Tactical Off: Hamish Roberts, On: Kitione Taliga

53 Try- Adam Korczyk

54 Conversion- Bradley Twidale

65 Try- Jack Winchester

65 Conversion- Hamish Roberts

65 Substitution - Tactical Off: Dane Zander, On: Conor Bartley

67 Try- Rusiate Nasove

67 Conversion- Daniel Lancaster

68 Substitution - Tactical Off: Kyle Fleetwood-Pieper, On: Tareta Junior Siakisini

70 Substitution - Tactical Off: William Morrison, On: Name Witheld

71 Try- Lachlan Sperling

72 Conversion Unsuccessful- Bradley Twidale

73 Try- Lachlan Sperling

74 Conversion Unsuccessful- Bradley Twidale

75 Substitution - Tactical Off: Luke Callan, On: Jacob Blyton


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