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GC2018 Athletes' Village Tour

Updated: Apr 11, 2018

Photos from our media tour of the Commonwealth Games Athletes' Village.

Prior to the Games starting members of the press were invited to go on a guided tour of the CGV (Commonwealth Games Village). Security is very strict, so we had to be escorted everywhere, and some places were off-limits.

However, we were able to visit:

  • Gym

  • Polyclinic / Medical Centre

  • 'Rainforest' Residential Centre

  • Village Heart

  • Main Dining

  • Games room / Athlete Lounge

  • Multi-faith Centre

  • International Zone

The Village accommodates 6,600 athletes and officials during GC2018. The site itself is 29 Hectares, and was previously the site of the Gold Coast trotting track, and also hosted The Big Day Out and other music festivals.

Village Heart

The centrepiece of the village, featuring a pond and waterfall, inspired by the Gold Coast Natural Bridge. Also features a DNA-inspired helix sculpture

Main Dining

Serves 18,000 meals daily. Caters for a variety of diets with cultural, religious and medical/recovery requirements.


97 pieces of high performance equipment available to the athletes. Also includes recovery centre staffed by qualified sports medical personnel.


A large General Practitioners clinic providing: Physiotherapy, Optometry, Podiatry, Wheelchair and Prosthetics, Dental, GP, Padiology and Massage

Residential Zones

Divided into 6 zones: Reef, Rainforest, Outback, Beach, Surf, and Sunset.4 zones feature a swimming pool.

Games Room and Athletes Lounge

Popular spot for the Athletes to relax, with pool tables, table tennis, video and arcade games.

Multi-faith Centre

Chaplains and faith-leaders from many different faiths

International Zone

Outside the Village Residential Zone, the International Zone is accessible by media and friends and family. Houses a Media Centre with conference room. Features a Entertainment Plaza, which was the location for Team Welcome Ceremonies, as well as shops and a bar.

We also got to meet a few random athletes wandering around, including 2 swimmers, Shayna Jack and Brianna Throssell who went on to win Gold Medals in the Women's 4x100m Freestyle Relay and Women's 4x200m Freestyle Relay respectively.

Indigenous Didgeridoo player from Team Welcoming Ceremony


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